Sunday, June 12, 2011

vacation in paradise

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My idea of a perfect vacation spot would be in the mountains. The beautiful scenery, the life of nature, and the fresh air make the mountains such a wonderful place to be.

In the mountains, the scenery is simply beautiful. Standing at the top of the high snowy peak of a mountain looking down at the world below is a sight to see, it’s like looking at a painting so full of life. The snow clinging to the side of the mountain puts you in a winter wonderland. In the evening, as the sun sets behind the mountains the fluffy white clouds turn to a pinkish color as if it were blushing.

However, the scenery isn’t the only beautiful thing the eye can see in the mountains. The nature in the mountains is so stunning and full of life. The wind blowing the trees covered in snow, reminds me of a Christmas tree standing so beautifully. The wild flowers covering the ground with so many vibrant colors of purple, red and green are a great site from high up. With all the animals running free in the wildlife, really makes the mountains earthly and neutral.

The best thing about the mountains is being in the fresh air and away from the city air so full of pollution. The air is so fresh; you can never get tired of smelling the air. Smelling the fresh air in the mountains is like smelling a bottle of strong compelling perfume for the first time. With every swift of air that soars through the body it’s like being in a whole new place, a different atmosphere that will never escape your mind.

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In conclusion, the mountains is my idea of a perfect vacation spot because of the beautiful scenery, the nature that is so full of life and the fresh air surrounding the mountains.

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