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Unlimited Visitation

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Attending a college or university is one of the most important decisions that any student may make. Students have to a pick a college that best suits them. College is a place where a student can further their education while gaining necessary life experiences. Freedom from parents/guardians is one of the biggest life experiences that a college student will ever encounter. However, when attending Howard University, it limits the amount of freedom that a college student should receive. Howard University has strict visitation rules. Sunday through Thursday, visitation ends at twelve o-clock. Friday and Saturday, visitation ends at two o-clock. Most other colleges/universities have unlimited visitation. Howard University should also have unlimited visitation. It permits students to fully experience freedom, it caters to study habits of many, and is convenient when students have out of town visitors.

College life allows students to experience many new things such as how to budget one’s money, school work, social life, etc.. College also gives students the time to mature before entering the “real world.” Freedom is necessary to experience before entering the “real world”, because it is important to only progress, and not to regress. If Howard University puts restrictions to this freedom, how is a student supposed to receive the full experience? Contrary, college students tend to take advantage of their freedom. A student is responsible for any actions made, and at this level, should be aware of all consequences.

As a student progresses in their education, different study habits are developed to aid students in their ability to do the best possible. There are many different ways to study, and everyone has their own techniques. Unlimited visitation allows students to study with other students without having to worry about any time limit. In events such as midterms and finals, students tend to study for longer periods of times because of the amount of information previously learned. This is a time where students take all the information learned and try to retain this information. For some students,

studying with groups is how they obtain good grades. By limiting the visitation rules, it hinders the study habits that work best for some students. Surely, students can study in places such as the library, but students have all different study habits, and studying in the privacy one’s own room could be what is most suitable for that student. Therefore, unlimited visitation will enable students to practice what ever study habits that they are used to.

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Lastly, but not at least, unlimited visitation, is convenient when it comes to having out of town friends and family. Statistically shown, many students attend colleges/universities away from home. It is always a pleasure to visit home, but is greatly appreciated when friends and family come to visit you. When family and friends are able to come and visit you, they often stay in hotels which can become very costly. To save money, friends and family, if desired, should be able stay in the room with whom they are visiting. When colleges and universities have no restrictions on the hours of visitation, it does not only allow them to save money, but they are also saving the time that it takes to find a hotel. However, since Howard University has many restrictions, if home is not within reasonable driving distances, out of town visitors are rare.

In conclusion, unlimited visitation allows for a student to fully experience freedom, practice the same study habits as they did in high school, and have out of town visitors. While these are a few of the many reasons why all colleges/universities should have unlimited visitation, these are perhaps the three most prominent reasons. What student would want to attend college still feeling like they are in high school. Going to college and gaining no life experiences, is like going to a water park and not getting wet. Like college, when a person goes to a water park, they go to have a good time on various water rides, to swim in pools, and to relax. If this person does not get wet, they may have experienced having a good time by relaxing but they have missed out on the other opportunities to experience in a water park.

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