Thursday, June 23, 2011

True Wisdom

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Although times have changed, wisdom is still one of the most revered character traits in a person. What is wisdom? Who can describe true wisdom? Personally, the only wisdom I want is Godly wisdom. The wisdom of the world would tell me to do what will benefit me the most; it would tell that possessions are more important than relationships; it would offset all my moral beliefs. If I can think of one person who radiates wisdom, it would be Jesus. He is the wisdom of God. He is the source and support of all wisdom.

When Jesus went back to His hometown of Nazareth, He began to teach in the synagogue. The people around him were utterly amazed by His teaching. They couldn’t understand how a carpenter’s son could possibly have gained all this knowledge. In that time any person who knew the ways and laws of the Lord was considered to be wise. They knew Jesus had abundant wisdom because they also saw that He performed miracles.

Yet another example was the time when Jesus’ parents thought they had lost their young son. They found Him in the temple “quizzing” the teachers. The story gores as such At twelve years old Jesus stayed in Jerusalem after the Feast of the Passover while His parents returned home. His parents were unaware however that their son was not with them. After looking for Jesus among friends and family and could not find Him, they headed back to Jerusalem to continue looking there. After three days they found Him in the temple courts. He was sitting with the teachers and elders and was asking them questions. Luke 47 says, “Everyone who heard him was amazed at His understanding and answers.” At twelve years old the leaders of the temple were astonished at His already abundant wisdom. Today we would call a twelve year old like that a genius.

Whenever Jesus was confronted with questions from His followers He always answered with wisdom. Jesus always supported His wisdom with truth. That truth was God’s word. In that time the Holy Word was the law and the main source of history. If it was quoted it was considered to be true. Jesus knew the every part of the word. He was able to recall and defend the Lord from the truth of the people.

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Another example may be the continued wisdom of His disciples. Even after His death and ascension the wisdom of God was passed onto His disciples. Jesus had enough wisdom to teach his followers the things they needed to know before He left. I believe someone with true wisdom also has the ability to share it with others. True genius is when you can get on the level of others and pass it on. Jesus was able to relay wisdom to His followers through His stories, illustrations and parables. His followers were so engrained with that wisdom that they were even able to pass it on to others after Jesus had left.

Decidedly so, education is important. However, the top of the class at the most elite school may not have true wisdom. I want the kind of wisdom that surpasses all understanding. I want the kind of wisdom that everyone benefits from. I want the kind of wisdom that answers all my questions in life. That kind of wisdom is the kind that Jesus had, that true wisdom is what I want.

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