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The School Days of An Indian Girl

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The School Days of an Indian Girl

In the pursuit of happiness people often make the mistake of having too high of an expectation. This is exactly what happens with Zitkala-Sa from “School days of an Indian Girl”. She embarks on a journey with high expectations and was full of excitement. However, she was force to face the harsh reality of disappointment, which brought on resentment and fear, causing her to be rebellious.

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As Zitkala began her tourney she was full of excitement and had expectations of roaming freely. Suddenly her feelings turn to resentment. She really didn’t understand why the white people stare at her so rudely. “I sank deep into the corner of my seat, for I resented being watched” (pg.17). She didn’t like the way they stared at her. Zitkala didn’t only resent being watched, but she also resented the way she was being treated, deprived of her heritage. For example, she unwillingly had her hair cut. In her culture people with short hair was worn by mourners and shingled hair by cowards. This caused her to be very resentful towards the people she referred to as pale-face. Zitkala show antipathy towards being force to change into someone she was not.

This whole experience was confusing to Zitkala, more so she was afraid. The unfamiliar surroundings and the way she was being treated caused her to fearful. When she first arrived at the school the mere site of the building with its bright lights caused her body to tremble. “I was both frightened and insulted by such trifling” (pg.18), the way the pale-face woman tossed her in the air. More than anything Zitkala was afraid of being alone in a strange place and not knowing what to expect. In the first couple of seasons at the school misunderstandings frequently took place, bringing on unjustifiable frights.

A short time after Zitkala arrival at the school, she became very rebellious. She felt as though the pale-face people were trying to strip her of everything she believes in. So she started to resists. When the time came to have her hair cut she flat out said that she would rebel. She refused to accept getting her hair cut by going to hide out, and when she was found she kicked and scratched wildly. Zitkala resisted mainly because she didn’t want to change who she was, and the people who ran the school was trying to do exactly that, change her. Maybe if she had a choice in what was going on things may have been different. However she had no choice, she was being force to change and that made the difference. Therefore she rebelled at every possible opportunity.

To put it briefly Zitkala first experiences as a young Indian girl in school made her afraid and cause her to have resentments. This sequentially made her rebel. In the end she had her sweet revenge. Through the harsh reality of disappointments Zitkala had changed from a quiet, fearful little girl into one that could stand up for her self.

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