Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pro Abortion

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I am with abortion because in sum cases it is needed. There might be something wrong wit the baby physically or mentally. The baby might also be harming the mother in some way. The mother also could have been raped and the mother cant take care of the baby.

       There sometimes might be something wrong wit the baby, like doctors might find out it has a disease that could cause it a slow and painful death. My opinion is that you shouldnt let the child go through his life miserable or let the child die a slow and painful death.

       The baby might also be risking the health of the mother, and harming her. It has not been proven but it is thought that the baby can cause breast cancer. There were arguments that abortion should be legal because of this.

       In some states where abortion is illegal they make an exception for those people who have been raped. Some people could have gotten raped, and cant afford to keep the baby or take good care of it. Others might have gotten raped and is not allowed to keep the baby so they are forced to have an abortion.

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       Even though I am against killing I am wit abortion because I still think it is needed for some people. In my opinion abortion should be legal for those that need it, not for those who just dont want the children

Abortion should be legal in states for only certain reasons, If the mother was just young and stupid and was misusing the power of sex, they shouldnt be allowed to have an abortion, they could put it up for adoption instead of killing it. A baby is alive at the very second that the egg becomes fertilized, no sooner no later.

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