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Pippin took me on a fun ride, while still maintaining powerful themes from war to finding ones place in the world. The acting, directing, and sheer spectacle of the whole production was incredible, and the finale left me speechless.

The directing was a triumph for Bud Coleman. The time it probably took to rehearse must be unbelieveable. I enjoyed walking into the theatre and seeing the cast stretching and warming up for the nights performance. It set the mood for the night that the audience was in for a wild, fun ride. I also thought the orgy scene was done very, very well. The scene was not too dirty or too taboo, it had the right amount of provocativeness. The dancers behind the scrim was very clever. I also was impressed that he did not shy away from having a little homoeroticism. The scene was just fun and sexy. My other favorite aspect was the finale. I did not expect the whole cast and crew to walk off and never be seen again. The cast left, and then the lights went down, the backdrop and props were removed, and the crew left. I was a little confused, because I expected them to return for the curtain call. It was odd, but I thought this is a very fresh way to end the night. My only disappointment in the finale was the lack of the curtain call.

The cast was fabulous. Dusty Youree, fit the role of Pippin perfectly. He carried the right amount of arrogance and insecurity for the character. Zachary Andrews as Lewis, was the perfect contradiction from Dusty Youree. Zachary towered over Dusty in height and muscle mass, which further illustrated just how opposite Pippin and Lewis are from one another. I really enjoyed Jean Hodges as Berthe. She stole the spotlight when she was onstage. Her musical number had the whole audience involved, yet she remained in total control asking to let her do the final chorus. My least favorite was Kyra Lewandowski, who played Fastrada. She looked too young and lacked the wickedness that was needed to play Fastrada. My favorite actress was Carolyn Miller, who played the leading player. Her costume, make up, and attitude were right on the money. She dominated the show.

The production was visually stunning, through the sheer spectacle of it all. There was no real set, but the lighting played a very key role in the play. The lights were mainly red and blue. The blue was common for when characters were sad, and the red for anger, violence, passion. For example the lights were red during the battle scene. There were few props used. Swords were used and brandished. The costumes were interesting. The main characters wore clothes from around 1000 A.D.,. The leading player wore an outfit that would be seen on the ringleader of a circus, which in a matter or speaking she was the ringleader of a circus. The ensemble wore costumes that would likely be seen in a circus as well. The live music was also a nice touch. The music would have been just as good as a recording, but having the band right there added a nice ambience to the production.

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Pippin was my first musical that Ive ever been to. It was an enjoyable experience. The theme about searching for ones place in the world and appreciating things for what they are was thought provoking. I know personally, especially at my age, thats hard to know who I am and where I am going. Fortunately for Pippin he found his place in life with Catherine, even if it took him most of his life. Pippin had money, brains, and power and still had difficulty finding happiness, so that should be an inspiration for everyone that it is possible to find their niche. Pippin was a wild romp that made me laugh, think, and scratch my head when everyone walked off, but I would strongly recommend Pippin

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