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Personal narrative

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Personal Narrative

Biographies inform us about great people that we have recorded in our history.

Unlike many biographies, this one will inform you about an ordinary high school student.

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He may not be as great as the people we read about, but he is one of a kind. As time

grows so does our history and who knows this could be a part of it. If we take this

and discard it, people in the future may never know what type of people we are. This

paper will stand out among the rest because everyone’s individuality is different from the


Omar Bibi was born on July 18, 185 in the country of Kuwait. Kuwait is a very

small country, about three quarters the size of Massachusetts and borders Iraq and Saudi

Arabia. His family blood comes from the country of Palestine, or as many call it Israel.

Because the wars changed his papers from his original birthright. He has a Jordanian

passport that changes his birthplace to Jordan. To ensure his safety in Iraq, he also had a

fake Iraqi social security number. But above all, what represents him is his American

citizenship. So the question is “Where is he from?”

Omar Bibi has a family of four, five or six depending on the way you may

interpret it. He has an adopted mother named Therlyn (pronounce Kerlyn with a TH) who

has a daughter name Kimberly. Kimberly has her own family so Omar Bibi doesn’t get to

Page .

see her often. His smaller brother Ali Bibi, is often emphasized by the name Ali Baba.

His father Ahmed Bibi, is known by his family as baba rather than the traditional dad.

Another humor that is brought on to the family is that when Ahmed asks Omar to call

Ali, all Omar would say is “Hey Ali, Baba wants you.”

Omar has no problem with personality. His interest for people gives him a diverse

social skill that enables him to make friends with anybody. However if he discovers a

person that is some way better than another because of race, income, or

appearance, he will no longer have any interest in him or her. On the other hand, Omar

Bibi is considered to a very outspoken person but very shy at the same time. He loves to

meet new people but he doesn’t have to show himself off in order to do so. He is known

for his care free personality, because he has no concern whether you like or dislike him.

Omar Bibi considers himself not so distinct from animals. They all have minds to

think as humans. All senses are part of the brain and the survival skill is a necessity to be

a living creature. But for him to own a pet is out of the question because assuming all of

the responsibilities of owning a pet is not a part of his schedule. However animal rights

is a great issue and is supported by Omar Bibi. One day Bibi happened to find four

abandoned premature kittens. He had noticed they were abandoned because their health

condition was at a rate that would soon lead to death. He cared for them and

apparently two did not make it, the rest were offered to his brother. His brother Ali is

now taking care of them with the condition of maintenance support from his brother.

That was the closest Omar Bibi had ever gotten to an animal, rather from the usual zoo

Page .


Talents go far beyond limits because Omar Bibi believes that a talent is a goal and

if you strive to work for it, eventually you will achieve it and surpass your expectancy.

During Omar’s child hood years he had a skill for baseball, but as time passed so did his

interest. By the age of fifteen Omar had joined the R.O.T.C program. With much practice

he became good at what he did. If you ever watched the movie Major Payne the cadet

near the end of the movie had spun an M-1 Garant rifle at dangerous speeds. That’s

what led Omar Bibi to be one of the great members of that program. Now Omar Bibi

stands as a company commander, an officer in charge of leading a large group of people.

He is also in charge of drill team, an small elite group of people who are in training to be

able to spin the M-1 rifle. It’s not only in military that he is skillful, as he is in training by

one of his peers, to become a “Pop-Locker,” a dance style that fascinates people. It is a

style of dancing that may make him appear to be a robot dance machine. Throughout the

years of Omar Bibi’s life, his skill will never stand still.

For now, we will never know what Omar Bibi will grow up to be. But his

dreams are too strong for him to let go. In other words he will never give up until he

succeeds at his set goal. At first Omar Bibi wanted to become an ADVANCED HIGH


simple it is just easier to become a radiologist or a theoretical physicist. Whatever the

choice, he dreams of attending MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). In the end

Omar Bibi would then be recognized as Dr. Bibi wearing a long white dress coat.

Page 4.

Even if will history not let this ordinary student become a member of it’s book,

the story should let us know that it is helpful thing to dream. If you dream, you are less

likely not to succeed. As long as this person continues to dream, who knows if history

will have a place for him. We all know that life is too short to live, and if you pass life

day by day doing nothing, how will you ever be heard? The only way to find out is to

never let go of your dream until you reach your future.

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