Thursday, June 16, 2011

Navratri Festival

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A festival was held at Expo Hall New Jersey. The festival is a religious event celebrated by the Indian community called Navratri. It consist of worship, dance, and

music celebrated over a period of nine days. During this time, the Indians devote their prayers to the Trinity of god worshipped in a female form.

People of various age groups participate in this holy event. The adults form a separate group which focuses on prayers to the female statue, a symbol of god. The

young crowd however, concentrate on the enjoyable portion of Navratri festival. It involves dancing, singing, music and display of traditional clothing.

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The young men and women are dressed at their best. The women wear bright

colored traditional skirts with short tops and a long scarf. The material is hand

embroided with mirrors, shells , and anything that goes with it. Women go to great

extent wearing decorative accessories and jewelry that are a mix of traditional and

modern day fashion.

Several types of dances are performed. The folk dance is dominated by the

females in a circular formation. The basics of the dance are singing and clapping

rhythmically while going around the goddess. In addition to the folk dance, another

dance involves men and women forming two circles moving clockwise and anti-

clockwise directions with two sticks called dandiyas held in their hands. This is one the

most famous dances conducted by the Indians. The dances begin at night and continue

till dawn.

During my observation of this joyous event and feedback received from the

participants many romances bloom during Navratri. The young men and women

playfully communicate with one another while exchanging messages through eye contact.

This symbolizes a period where match making is done and relationships are established.

Everyone had smiles on their faces and laughter echoed the hall. It was an experience to


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