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Men and Women

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Men and Women

Men and women have lived together on this earth since the beginning of time. However, in our rapidly changing world, the traditional roles once expected of both the man and woman are being redefined. No matter how much people deny it, men and women are a like in a number of ways. These similarities include interests in career planning, sporting events, and caring for families.

In today’s society, regardless of gender, it is extremely important to be able to provide financially for a family. The expectation of a single income family is a thing of the past. The male, once considered to be the head of the family, has relinquished the conventional image of being the sole supporter. Now, females have had to take on these same responsibilities once held by men and with much success. For example, women are focusing on a number of ways to successfully provide for a family. Great strides have been made in changing their characterization of the loving, stay-at-home, housewife by becoming very successful executives and business owners. Both men and women have educated themselves, thus making them equal in the workplace. Corporate America has changed enough to hire personnel based on merit rather than sex, enabling women to become the sole moneymaker. Men and women are now equally judged on performance and are successful working hand in hand in the business world.

In addition, men and women both enjoy an interest in professional sports. Both sexes alike are furiously becoming talented sports commentaries. The thought that women could not understand the strategies of sports has been dismissed. Sports, a field that has been predominated by men, has found a presence among women. Like male athletes, women are becoming increasingly interested in playing professional sports. Recently, the Women’s National Basketball Association was established to support such women, and has become a very successful endeavor. Showing their love and dedication to this sport, these women play just as passionately, if not more than their male competitors. Women are finally afforded an opportunity to prove that they can participate and excel in athletics as well as their male counterparts.

Custom Essays on Men and Women

Not only are men and women alike in their quest for the perfect career or sharing sporting interests, they share a common bond in family life. The responsibilities of raising children, and caring for the household are no longer a one-person job. Like women, men are taking a more active role in their raising children. Men are bringing kids to daycare, various appointments, school, and extracurricular activities. While becoming involved, these men are now seeing the details of what affects their children’s lives. Resulting, in both parents creating a deep everlasting bond with their children that cannot be easily broken. Corporate America is seeing the need for the work place to become more flexible with the job force. They are now allowing men and women extra time off for family appointments, births, and daily living havoc due to the role changes being placed upon both sexes.

Despite physical appearance, men and women are alike in a number of ways. Not only are men and women alike in their quest for the perfect career, or sharing sporting interests, they share an increasing interest in their family and family life. However, the likenesses do not stop here. People fail to realize how much men and women are alike, because there is a tendency to focus only on the things that make us different. It is obvious, what is on the outside makes us different. However, on the inside, there are more things that we share in common. When emphasis is placed on our inward likenesses and not on our outward differences, then will we be able to overcome what makes us different, and accept each other as competent individuals.

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