Thursday, June 16, 2011

Legalizing Marijuana for Medical Purposes

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Marijuana is most often viewed as useless in terms of economic or medical value. These common views are the result of prejudice and ignorance. Marijuana was made illegal in 17 because people didn’t understand why it gave created the euphoric feeling that it did. It was looked down on because it was associated with Native American Indians and others that were viewed by American society as immoral people. This is mainly why many are not aware of the benefits that marijuana has to offer in science and medicine. It is important for Americans to put aside prejudice and relieve ignorance in order to reap the benefits that marijuana has to offer. Marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes to be used solely as a weapon in fighting illnesses.

Benefits of marijuana seem endless. Environmentalists see it as the plant that can slow deforestation, prevent erosion, and restore nutrients to other plants. Nutritionists see its seed as second only to the soybean in nutritional value and one of the best sources of cooking oil and vitamins. Paper or cloth manufacturers see it as the plant that produces four times more fiber per acre than trees. To an AIDS or cancer patient, marijuana is seen as the plant that fights nausea and appetite loss. Yet when people hear the phrase “legalize marijuana”, it is immediately associated with recreational use.

It is hypocritical for alcohol and cigarettes to be legal when they provide no medical benefits and have more harmful side effects than marijuana. Alcohol, like marijuana, buffers the central nervous system and is known to kill many brain cells. Marijuana, however, is not associated with hostility, anger, and violent behavior like alcohol is. A joint of marijuana is known to produce more tar than a cigarette. Frequent cigarette users may consume an average of twenty cigarettes (one pack) per day. Marijuana has longer lasting effects compared to the “quick fix” that a cigarette provides. Therefore, a frequent marijuana user would not consume enough marijuana to surpass the tar build up of a pack of cigarettes per day. Marijuana has not been proven to be physically addictive, but like cigarettes and alcohol, it can be psychologically addictive. It is much less harmful in comparison to alcohol and cigarettes. Yet alcohol and cigarettes are the most frequently used legal drugs. Unlike alcohol and cigarettes, marijuana has never been the direct cause of fatality.

When marijuana was first cultivated in 4000 B.C. it was used mainly as a sedative and pain reliever. Since then, studies have shown that it is also effective in treating glaucoma, asthma, and nausea resulting from cancer treatment. Aside from all of these great benefits, research has shown that marijuana does cause intoxicating effects. Some cases have shown that marijuana use causes hallucination, anxiety, depression, extreme variability of mood, and paranoia. These side effects are the reason that marijuana remains illegal.

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A common antidepressant, Prozac, has been allied to some similar side effects. In some cases, it has been linked to suicides by its users. Prozac, however, has not been made illegal because of the few cases where these side effects were present. The benefits outweigh the negative repercussions of use. For so many decades the government has imbedded in the minds of Americans that marijuana is a “gateway drug” and future use needs to be prevented. Because of this attitude towards marijuana, we are slowing the process of healing for many who are ill. These people who are ill should not be punished by suffering.

Prescription drugs are not to be taken unless prescribed by a doctor. Some people abuse their prescriptions and may do so if prescribed to use marijuana. It is not as if marijuana would be the only prescription drug to be abused. If we were not to legalize it because of fear of abuse, then we need to make all prescriptions illegal, also. This sounds ridiculous because it is, along with making alcohol and cigarettes illegal.

All of the reasons for keeping marijuana illegal are present in so many other drugs that the government has legalized. So why do we continue to prevent people with certain illnesses from relief? Because we have a mind set that marijuana is harmful? Well, get over yourself, America. Not only are these views that marijuana is solely destructive idiotic; they are naïve, hypocritical, prejudicial, and ignorant as well. Marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes and offered in prescriptions for those who could benefit from use.

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