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The United States is by far the premier superpower in the world. We have the strongest military, the strongest weapons and arguably the strongest form of government. But with great power comes great responsibility. With so much power, it is very easy to forget that we must be careful in our endeavors because one never knows when one will touch upon something that could start the next World War.

While there are different reasons circulating for why this war is being fought. Some say it’s because we are greedy and are only in it for the oil. The more likely reason is the one that most people believe which is to remove Saddam Hussien from power. It has been known for many years now that Hussien supports terrorism and is concealing powerful weapons including biological and chemical weapons. As a result of the events of /11, more and more people are worried that we are not as invincible as we used to think. People believe that we are still extremely vulnerable to attack like the one we experienced on /11. Therefore, in order to tame the fears of the people, the government feels that we need to remove Saddam from his seat, a seat from which he holds the power to launch such attacks.

The problem with this is that by waging war on Saddam, there is now more reason for him to retaliate. Which brings us back to the original statement for this paper. Although we are stronger than every, we still experiment with things that could lead to danger and catastrophe because we are trying to make the world we live in a better place.

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