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how to play crickit

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“How to Play Cricket”

Cricket is a fun sport. Its fun to watch and its even more fun to play. There are 1 players in a Cricket team. Cricket is almost the same as baseball. There is a need to have a bat and a ball to play baseball, same goes with cricket. A cricket bat is not like a baseball bat. A baseball bat is round and a cricket bat is flat. Cricket cannot be played with a baseball bat, but it could be played with any kind of ball a baseball or a tennis ball, it doesn’t matter what kind of ball is used to play cricket, as long as the ball bounces. Besides the bat and the ball, an individual needs 6 round sticks, the size of a baseball.

A cricket field is round and in the middle of the field there is a pitch on which cricket is played. The pitch is 0 feet long. The 6 round sticks are divided into half, so sticks are placed in the ground, standing up on the each end of the pitch. When they are placed in the ground standing up, the sticks are referred as wickets. In front of the wickets on the each end of the pitch there is a white line, about feet away from the wickets. The white line is there for a purpose, it means that the player cannot pass that white line and if the player passes the white line and a member from the apposite team touches the wicket with the ball, doesn’t matter if a player throws the ball towards the wicket or tags it with the ball, then the player from the batting team is out.

Because the field is round, there is a boundary line close to an end of the field all around, so if the field is viewed from the top, it looks like a circle and the boundary line is another circle inside the field very close to the end. The boundary line is there because if the batter makes a hit and the ball rolls and passes through the boundary line the team scores 4 runs. Also if a player hits a fly ball and the ball passes through the boundary line without touching the ground that means the team scores 6 runs. Just like a home run in baseball. Usually there are about 10-15 homeruns in a cricket game, each homerun is worth 6 runs. That is the only purpose of a boundary line.

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