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The point of your digestive system is to break up food. All the different proteins, fats and carbohydrates are extremely complicated and big molecules and can not go through all the things they need to because they are too big. For example you have a block of Lego. It is very big and will not fit through the door you want to get it through. What do you do? You break it up in to smaller pieces and it fits through! This is exactly what the digestive system does. It breaks up the molecules of food so it can be absorbed through the microscopic holes of the body. There are many stages of this and first we’ve got to start at when you eat it!

When you swallow your food it goes into the stomach via the oesophagus. In the stomach there is a powerful acid called Hydrochloric acid which breaks up some of the food molecules. It then goes into the Duodenum and this is where the enzymes come in. The enzymes are made by the pancreas and they are very good at breaking down stuff. The definition of one is a biological catalyst (something that speeds up a chemical reaction without being involved in it. There are many different sorts. Here are the main ones.


Amylase breaks down starch into Maltose and is in saliva. It is made by the Salivary glands in your mouth.

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Pepsin breaks down protein into peptides and is made by some glands in the stomach wall. It is in Gastric juice.


Trypsin also breaks down protein into peptides and is made by the pancreas and is in Pancreatic juice.

Amylase (II)

This amylase is made by the pancreas and is found in pancreatic juice. It also breaks down starch into Maltose.


Lipase is made by the Pancreas and is found in Pancreatic juice. It breaks down fat into Fatty acids.


This breaks down Peptides into Amino acids and is made in the small intestine as intestinal juice.


Maltase breaks down Maltose into Glucose and is made by the intestines as intestinal juice.


Pepsinogen is the precursor of pepsin. Both it and pepsin are in the stomach and when the stomach acid touches Pepsinogen it gets changed to pepsin.


Trypsinogen is, just like above, a precursor of Trypsin. But Trypsinogen changes to Trypsin by itself. It is an Autocatalyst.

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