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Do Not Censor Us

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Freedom is under attack. Private groups and public authorities are ambushing liberty and what it stands for. The freedom to read is essential in order to maintain the democratic way of life. Political groups around the country are working to exclude certain books from public schools, to censor and silence books and novels, and to limit controversial books and reading material to the children of the general public. This suppression is dejecting the concept of creative thought. In order for one to fully understand this issue, one must analyze the legality of this concept, examine the thought of creative learning, scrutinize the bias formed, and evaluate the irresponsibility of children.

To begin, the idea of censoring certain books or reading materials violates America’s first amendment right. The amendment states that every man or women has the freedom of speech or freedom of expression. The law also states that “congress shall make no law” refuting this principle. For one to claim that censoring books is the right thing to do is a criminal. The Bill of Rights very clearly states that the government, or any other group or body for that matter, may not censor Americans. Although many advocates may argue this point, if one looks throughout history, the United States Supreme Court has ruled time and time again against censorship.

To continue, by censoring reading materials the learning ability of one is obstructed. In order for one to fully expand his/her knowledge one must have a background full of a variety of different reading materials. Reading affects ones cultural values and keeps one open to new ideas. By censoring materials, the door of knowledge is being slammed shut and people are being deprived of information. American society today is based on diversity. By censoring out some of books, diversity is being squashed and conformity is being promoted.

Moreover, the blocking out of certain learning materials creates a bias. Although it may seem innocent on the surface, censorship represents dictatorship. The government may use censorship to create propaganda and brainwash people, so to speak. For instance, if all religious material is censored except those that contain Christian beliefs, then people in general will become close minded and prejudice. Those who are not informed create barriers in today’s society.

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Although, censorship is illegal and deprives learning some advocates say that it is necessary because children are not responsible enough to chose what they want to read. To begin with, little children are not often found reading books about how to build a nuclear bomb or other harmful books. The controversy is mainly about a few obscenities here and there. Furthermore, if one is not responsible to choose their own reading materials that person is not going to be a very responsible person, period. Censorship will neither help nor help that feature. Great historical leaders such as Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, or George Bush were never censored or told what to read while growing up. Geniuses such as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, or Michelangelo were never censored.

All in all, one can see the harmful affects of censorship on the individual. After analyzing the legality of this concept, examining the thought of creative learning, scrutinizing the bias formed, and evaluating the irresponsibility of children one should be able to observe how censorship can destroy society as a whole. No matter what people say, books will always be the information highway. When that highway is diverted or blocked off, the path to the future becomes dark and bleak. The world has enough hatred as it is, one should hope that censorship does not add to these troubles.

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