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The Cool Paradise

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This site is about Iceland. Not just facts that you can find in a book. My family moved to Iceland two years ago and I have visited many times. I will show you the interesting life that people lead in Iceland. On this site you can read about the nightlife, one of the best in the world, with pictures to go. I will show you that contrary to popular belief, Iceland is not ice, but actually has very green pastures and blue waters. Most Icelandics live on the outside rim of the island. The inner part of the country is like a arctic desert. A rugged terain that is all dead, but great for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Iceland is an island located above England, right below the Arctic Circle. The gulf stream runs on the coast, so the waters are not terribly cold. As far are cold goes in Iceland, no less. There is a tradition that takes place every year after New Years called the Polar Bear Jump. Over to the left of the island is Greenland, which is ice. Did you know that in the summer it is almost 4 hours daylight? And in the winter, which is when I went, it was almost 4 hours darkness. I did not see daylight for a month. No matter it made the night life even better.One great thing about visiting Iceland, that is if you like to party, are the night clubs. Known for being in the top 10 on New Years Eve to party, Iceland offers some of the best nightlife in the world. Trust me I know, I was there this past year. The entire city lights up with fireworks. If you know where to get the perfect spot you can see a 60 view of the city. Every neighbor and business sets off fireworks making the entire city light up. The island is so flat, you can look across the harbor and see the other cities light up. This picture is Cafe Viktor. I have not been here, but it is a very popular spot to go on the weekends. By day it is a restaraunt, by night it has a DJ and an open bar. One on the many things about Iceland on my site.Iceland is a wonderful source of natural energy. There are many naturally heated lakes and ponds. The Blue Lagoon is the most popular. I have been once before. In the middle of Dec. when it is 10 below, I went swimming outside in a pool that was well over 100 degrees. With a height of six feet above the water, it is at least 80 degress.Most of the Icelandic population is from Scandanavian descent. But recently, there has been a climb in the Asian population. Lately, in the past few years, a group of people, early twenties, were born with severe disablities. The population became so pure, almost everyone was related. Iceland set up ads in Europe and Asian to bring women over to dilute the population.Iceland is a small country just below the Artic Circle. While it is small and seems to be a barren land, that is not the case. There are many natural wonders found on this small island. One of the most famous is Dettifoss. This is the most powerful waterfall found in Europe.People from all over the world come just to see the different waterfalls in Iceland. This one on the right is Gullfoss. There are weekend trips that can be arranged for travellers to come and see the beautiful landscape.Most of these waterfalls can only be found on the inner part of the island, which is not inhabited by the Icelandics.

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