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In our society, there are three major theories of how our society and societies in general, work and process information. These are functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction. They can be used to understand how societies integrate themselves and socialize the members into the functioning society. Though these theories maybe very different, it is said that sometimes they can overlap or other times one of the theories be the dominant frameworks.

Functionalism, which was first described by Emile Durkheim, was a theory which stated that people from all around the society work as a whole to keep their society or country running and in cooperation. The social institutions throughout society work together to bring the society closer and stronger together. The social institutions keep citizens in-line and productive towards the unity of the society as a whole. The people, under functionalism, teach others how to behave and act in the settings of their roles, to keep them in-line with the society. They work as socializing agents to teach through formal and informal means how to be productive and work in the community with everyone else. When one of these institutions deviates from the norm or sometimes just one of the major networks of individuals, then it can create strains on the roles of the socialization and create dysfunction throughout the society. The dysfunction might be for better or worst, it depends.

Conflict theory, which was described first by Karl Marx, is a theory where groups of individuals in society conform to other sometimes smaller groups of individuals with power. The power maybe controlled through means of economic means or scarce resources. Sometimes it is enforced through violence or coercion. Members of society in this theory are forced to conform in their processes of socialization, or they may receive social sanctions for what norms they might be breaking. The members of society who control the others, form the society into what they want and what they might need. It is a constant struggle of power of socialization to the new members. It teaches them what their roles are and what the expectations of their roles are going to be. That is, they must be submissive and controlled by the individuals with the power.

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The last two processes of socialization looks at society as a whole and how they work in the theories of the societies. Symbolic interaction, instead looks at the smaller portions of society and its socialization to understand the relationships of society.

Symbolic interaction, which was described by the Chicago School, is thought that people have the ability to reflect on past experiences and therefore think about how that changes them going into the future. Every person puts in their own identity of socialization into new members of the society. Collectively, from every person, there is a whole that gives the society an unique and constantly changing perspective on how to act in their roles and how to behave. The socialization process in symbolic interaction comes from the society as individuals, and gives the expectation to the people being socialized of how to act through this means. Everyone and everything, including the past events, are agents of socialization in this theory.

The three frameworks of theories on society, work sometimes together and other times completely separate. They help integrate members into their society through different means and objectives, but nevertheless, they still all do it.

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