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Click and Brick

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Click and Brick

Marie Edouarzin-Douglas

University of Phoenix

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MKT 41 Marketing


Betty Lamarr, MBA

February 10, 00

Just a few years ago shopping on line was not as popular as it is today. Many consumers shop for almost everything by clicking a mouse. Nowadays you shop for airlines tickets, clothing, a car and even do your grocery shopping online. You have the choice of driving to purchase what you need or using your desktop. Many large companies have recognized the need to be online (click) as well as having a standing location (brick).

There are many companies that are only on the web and don’t have actual stores where you can go and view the items that you are interested in purchasing. One store called sells brand name items such as shoes, jewelry, accessories and designer wear for less. One of their strength is that they carry from Vera Wang to Gucci items for 1/ less and their website is very user friendly. On the other hand, Bluefly is not as popular as other on line stores.Many consumers don’t care to carry name brand items and would prefer to go on and find the same item sold on Bluefly for way less.

By not having their names out there, Bluefly is missing on opportunities such as as popularity and exposure. Therefore poses a threat to them, ebay is very popular all over the United States. According to recent survey, more than 0,000 consumers visit daily. By not being as popular as ebay, Bluefly is not capturing the many consumers that would patronize them if they knew about them.

Express is well known store around the United Sates. They have stores in every major malls in every state. Express is carries from casual to business clothing for men and women. A while back the company carried low quality clothing for the late teens to mid twenty year olds. Competitors such as Limited, Rampage would carry the same type of items at a lower price. About ten years ago, a store named Bebe merged onto the market. They carry trendy fashion for women at a reasonable price and the brand is of superior quality. Bebe became very popular in a short amount of time. The word of mouth was spreading quickly. Express had to catch up rapidly, they changed their entire look bit by bit to catch with the competition. Express has many strengths, they now carry from leather goods to suits. They became very well known for the quality of their jeans. They also did something that no other stores were doing they carry combined sizes, for example 1 or 5/6 , a size 4 is really a four but to the woman purchasing the merchandise it boost her morale.

One of many opportunities Express has is the spread of their stores all over the country. You are sure to find their store at almost every major mall. With every opportunity comes threats, stores such as Forever 1 are coming very quickly. They too carry trendy fashions at less price. They appeal to the younger crowd and the mid thirties. Their accessories are way less expensive then Express’ and very trendy. They are following the trend by offering the same types of jean that Express offers.


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