Saturday, June 18, 2011

becoming cool

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fight people As you realize, over the last two months, our monarchy has become less active, and generally has declined in server standing. This is for many reasons (leadership being absent, a lot of fair-weather members leaving for thier own lil monarchies) but one thing I can assure you is that this decline is over boys.

I am back to playing AC full time, and I will make sure, 100%, that we are once again the dominating, suffocating, overwhelming force that we were when I left. So keep your eyes open, and be ACTIVELY participating in your monarchy. Be going on the nightly raids. Be in IRC (using dIRCal) on sorcery server, room #blood-elite. Be active on our forums. Be PROUD to be part of this monarchy. The death item system was completely revamped today as a result of the patch. When I logged in at the behest of a friend I did a /die and when I realized I dropped 5k-6k majors over tons of 1k stones I nearly shit myself.

In order to cover your stuff now you need regular DIs x the value of the item youre covered (at least x there is ALOT of randomness in here) AND an item of the same type you are covering (need high value armor to cover your armor need melee weapons to cover your AR swords and need bows/atalys ect to cover your 166 mod.

Just a heads up. I for one will be in gsa for a week or two until this is completely figured out.

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Above all, be ready for some serious XP. More to come boys, Big Daddy Addys back.

-cool people books

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