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Addiction and drugs…

Addiction is the compulsive physiological and psychological need for a habit-forming substance. It has often been attributed to personal characteristics, including a lack of “morals”, having different brain chemistry, or experiencing mental illness to extreme trauma. With drug addiction, something happens to the addicts that make the need to consume drugs so great that they will go to extreme lengths to obtain the drug. In some cases it is merely a painful choice, but in others it is a horrible disease, which in some cases is impossible to cure. In the book, Go Ask Alice, written by Anonymous, the main character is a young teenager trying to escape from her low self-esteem and consuming loneliness by experimenting with different types of drugs and their counterculture. Her experience with drugs quickly turns into a habit that is nearly impossible for her to give up.

Anyone who has a brain can become addicted to drugs. In this particular book, an innocent girl is sucked into the world of addictions. Her loneliness leads to her being able to desperately connect with others, through the haze of drugs and alcohol, where she is often betrayed and victimized. Throughout the book, Alice struggles with insecurities about the way she looks, parents, school, sex, friends, fitting in, and other common things that many teens struggle with. Because she cannot deal with the changes she goes through in a normal way, she resorts to using drugs to help her deal with reality. At first, Alice’s decision to do drugs may seem innocent and rebellious, but it eventually turns into painful episode after painful episode for her as she becomes addicted to certain drugs and a certain lifestyle.

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Part of the problem Alice had was her inability to open up to people who cared for her. Instead, she turned to the people who would only hurt her. Joel is a character in this book that is most able to draw Alice out of her shell and teach her to trust others. Her relationship with Joel is gradual, because of his gentle approach of getting her to eventually open up to him. Even with the support and love from her parents and from Joel, Alice is unable to escape from the world of drug use.

Unfortunately, Alice’s drug addiction results in her own death. Most of the drugs Alice used were not highly addictive from a physical point of view. What got a hold of her was more the psychological aspect of it all. She used drugs as a gateway to escape her problems and it soon became a lifestyle. No matter how hard she tried to leave, she always got sucked back into doing drugs in some way or another.

People with addictive personalities are more vulnerable to drug addiction. Alice was addicted to a certain lifestyle, and a certain escape, more so than she was actually addicted to the drugs she was using. In some way or another, we are all addicts. Some people may think that addiction can only be applied to the compulsive, repetitive use of alcohol, nicotine, opiate drugs like heroin, as well as cocaine and other stimulants. The truth is, activities such as gambling, shopping, and sex can be considered addictions too when people engage in them to the point that there are negative consequences for themselves. These behaviors are clearly similar to drug-seeking behaviors in an addicted person. Research shows that it is most likely that the same neural circuits are involved to a certain extent. Because of different backgrounds, different families, different environments etc, certain people just happen to be more prone to having addictive personalities than others.

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