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Acts of Terrorism

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The old saying that as soon as we are born we begin to die is sternly taken into account in Martin Heidegger’s philosophical views regarding death. He states that as human beings, we live ahead of ourselves, anticipating every coming event, including that which will mark the end of life itself. Although there are a myriad of ways to cope with this being towards death, they all stem forth from anxiety. Death is one of the most fundamental ideas of life. It is a certainty, the only answer to the equation of life � no matter what the variables. Still, it is one of the most unfamiliar concepts known to man. In the play Wit, the protagonist, Vivian Bearing, Ph.D., deals with her anxiety in a manner common to many individuals in this day and age. She chooses to contend with the conviction of not being via the isolation of her unyielding, scholarly wit.

The play begins with Vivian, a representative of the modern woman, speaking in her usual professional tone of voice. She immediately reveals the ending of her story, just as the ending of human life is revealed the moment one is born. She will die of stage-four metastatic ovarian cancer. Thus begins the first phase of the battle between Vivian and death and the anxiety that comes along with the war.

Fighting…how she insists or academ

Losing….what we notice

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Loses…what happens

Diagnosis and Treatment � Initial approach is still scholarly, studies words, claims to know all about life and death, yet she knows nothing, becomes the poem, she is a force (power struggle), Lucy Countess of Bedford, Lists impressive resume that exemplifies her followed by the present complications that downplay her like wheelchair and the simple spelling of her name…she is losing I could draw so much from poems…could be so powerful…one of the most direct ways she expresses the poetry of donne as her source of defense against death

Hides behind complicated wit

Quandaries about death and life are addressed but never solved….just as death

Turns life and death into intellectual game

Holy sonnet 5 wants to hide from judgement…she wants to hide from death

Likes poem in abstract….cassius…. inhibition

Mother dies of cancer and stating 41 and 4 adds to the illustration of a slow and suffering death. Pre menopausal is choice of no kids

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