Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Man Who Was Almost a Man

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After reading The Man Who Was Almost a Man, I could

almost visualize this 17 year old boy struggling for his

identity to be recognized. Based on my interpretation

and understanding of the story, I tend to agree with the

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Reader Response most, because in the beginning of the

story, it is not clear that Dave is actually an African

American based on the language he used until later in

the piece. The dialect the story was written in was a

bit difficult to understand in the beginning but I ended

up enjoying it a great deal. In the story Dave is

portrayed as a young boy trying to become a man by

purchasing a gun. He uses bad tactics in order to

accomplish his task, like lying to his mother. While I

do not agree with him doing that; I am sure that even

today things like this are done. One thing I did not

understand in the story is for the life of me, why

didnt his mother insist the day he purchased the gun

that he give it to her immediately and not listen to his

excuses. Did she except his excuses because of the

times they were living in and she had no reason not to

trust him? This approach seems to be the clearer.

Furthermore, the story seems to be written on a straight

line approach not requiring you to go back and forth.

The critical approach, Aristotelian Formalism, seems to

agree with this. The story starts out by telling you

about Dave, providing information through some type of

narration about his feelings and what he is thinking.

It starts at the beginning, then it gives you the high

points about Dave actually purchasing the gun and

accidentally shooting and killing the mule. Next, you

can almost identify with Dave when everyone is making

fun of him for whatever their reasons. He certainly has

my sympathy. And then theres the end where he runs

away on the train. While I thing that under the same

circumstances I would not run away, no one ever knows

for sure until you walk in the same shoes. After all

Dave was only 17 and thought that everyone, including

his mom, had basically wronged him.

Also, in considering the new criticism, I agree with

some of the thoughts. For instance, Dave does have the

same degree of thought process throughout the story. He

accidentally shoots and kills the mule and he truly

feels bad about it; but, he doesnt take time and think,

he is so consumed with trying to let everyone know that

he is a man now because he can shoot.

I dont have anything to enter.

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